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Millie's Gourmet

Jalapeno Ranch Dip Mix

Jalapeno Ranch Dip Mix

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Handcrafted with care in small batches, Millie's Gourmet ensures that each Jalapeno Ranch Dip Mix is made with the finest ingredients to guarantee top-notch quality and exceptional taste. The convenience of this mix allows you to effortlessly whip up a scrumptious dip in no time, perfect for impromptu gatherings or last-minute cravings. Let Millie's Gourmet be your go-to choice for gourmet foods that bring a touch of homemade goodness to your kitchen.

Makes 2 ( 500mL) Cups of Dip. 

Dip Mix. Add package ingredients with 1 Cup of Mayo & 1 Cup of Sour Cream Or  (Plain Yogurt).

Chip Dip: Mix 2 Cups of Sour Cream. OR  2 Cups of Plain Yogurt.

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